i’m finally getting down to the making of the astronaut suit that i’ve made sometime back for the kid, you can read it here.

1st to tackle is of course the suit itself, if that wasn’t do-able, i could forget about the rest of the gears. the 1st essential equipment is a sewing machine, borrowed from SS. couldn’t imagine without one!
equipment 2
i got disposable adult raincoats ($2!!) for the suit, placed this material i found at spotlight called interfacing on each layer in hope of strengthening the thin, flimsy material of the raincoat. i have to let you know this is the 1st time i’m sewing a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves, etc. (yes, i’ve done sewing during home econs in school but all i remembered was my fingers getting poked a million times, and the very irritating fierce teacher). but there’re tonnes of tutorials online which are quite easy to follow. i particularly like the tutorials on this website, it made sewing pants so easy!
the suit 2

the kid’s so amused by the fibre fillings, kept playing with it while i was stuffing them in the suit before sewing them up to get the puffy look. he found it irresistible to put them at his face, nose & in the end he got flustered when they found their way in his mouth.
the astronaut
the suit

sewn the gloves using the same material & method as the suit. except the kid can’t put his hands in them because of the narrow gaps in between the fingers 😦 i did a china collar top because that’s easy & the kid jus had to secure the top with velcro in the middle. blue stripes for the sleeves & pants. and a little lion all ready to explore the outer space.
the suit 3
next up is the oxygen tank & the backpack. i masking-taped 2 cereal boxes together & a small crackers box at the top. and the kid was happily painting away, using acrylic white paint.oxygen tank

then i taped 2 milk cartons at the sides as the oxygen tanks. i sewed the backpack straps using the raincoat with paddings, attached it to the backpack & the control unit. aluminium sheets from daiso as the tubes. i jus attached it using velcros taped to the control unit & backpack so the kid can easily take the whole backpack off.
oxygen tank 3

the kid getting the buttons out from the packaging.

cool buttons i found at spotlight & they’re on cheap sale. the biggest knobs are the caps from the milk cartons.
oxygen tank 2
then for the boots, i got another pair of golashes, the same one that the kid already has, masking-taped all round & the kid again happily painting away with the acrylic paint.boots
boots 2

the helmet seemed the most difficult to conceptualise but i’m so proud of myself when it’s finally completed. again from daiso (i love the store!!), i found this big round white lantern.helmet

make a huge cut, masking-taped it all round, inside & outside, trying to strengthen the shape, and painted white.
helmet 2

happened to find this tinted file lying around, which is perfect for the visor!
helmet 3
then the flag, the easiest of all, sewn & put together very quickly, pole is from a cardboard roll. words i used embroidery threads.flag

there you have it, the gears! quite a feat huh?!
space gear