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about 2 months back, W & i went for a hawker fest put together by various sponsors to raise funds for TOUCH.

we thought it was such an innovative idea & definitely a brilliant one in the singapore context where people love food, people are rich & they will go all out to satisfy their taste great food.

believe you me, that day was an ultra rainy day, with rain pouring down this small island like its gonna flood it. when W & i reached there, it was dark, like about 7pm, rain was mercilessly beating down. but there were so many people, so many brollies, we were utterly amazed at these crazy people. but of cos we added in to these number of crazy people. not for food of cos peeps, all for charity, all for charity!!

with a 50bucks voucher, we had a plate $10 plate of pork cutlet rice (best ever in my opinion), $20 bak kut teh (pork ribs soup) and we couldn’t get much with the remaining $5, so we gave it away.hawkerfest

and so 2 sahms spent their precious sat evening, without husbs & kids, huddling closely under 1 tiny pink brolly, getting their feet cold & wet & slurping hot soupy beef noodle that cost $15, all for charity!! and some excitement out from the routines of house management, gee.