a little frivolous 1st time…

i had my 1st gelish manicure experience. the process is amazing, so quick, fuss-free & easy…coat, put my hand in this lightbox thingy, less than a minute later, the paint is one with my nails! repeat these steps for each coat, 3 coats of polish, top coat & base coat, so 5 layers of coat in total, i feel my nails can’t breathe!!! i could walk out the parlour able to wear my own shoes, take my own bag & do anything with my hands without being afraid to damage my newly done manicure, really cool!! whenever i observed a young mom with perfectly manicured, painted fingernails, i always wonder how she’s able to maintain the polish because mine get destroyed within a day because of the amount of washing i do, now i know!!

gelish manicure

i’m trying not to go with my usual pastel colors, tried something more bold…i dunno why the color turned out more bluish in the photo when its really greenish, like apple green…i might or might not do gelish again, because just barely 2 days, i feel like ripping the paint off to let my nails breathe before they suffocate further…and because of the trouble of needing to head back to the parlour to have a ‘soak-off’ instead of simply using polish remover.