the kid’s so caught up with parties, goodies, yummy food, prezzies (lotsa ’em) and stuffs about christmas that’s got almost everything to do with nothing about Jesus – jingle bells, santa claus, rudolf, snowman, etc. and i got caught up with shopping for prezzies, wrapping prezzies, trying to meet up with friends, preparing food to bring to gatherings/parties. i had to squeeze out time to have quiet moments to remind myself THE reason for christmas. i repeatedly told the kid THE reason for christmas.

so, after having had 3 christmas gatherings/parties and several other celebrations, and christmas service in church on 23 dec, i was so glad i could be home with my loved ones on christmas day itself. just a quiet, peaceful day at home to reflect, to focus, to stay close to the cradle where baby Jesus was born, where God showed His great love for us. we can celebrate christmas because of God’s act of love. we can love because God first loved us. 

all of christmas is about Jesus. i wish you Jesus more than anything.