i found these unusual accessories when i’m not trying to shop for anything…they intrigued me, amazed me & i had to get ’em…i stopped at 2 but i could buy a dozen!! they’re all handmade, with cans. yes, your can of coke or tiger beer!

coca cola dangling from my earlobes, how cool is that! its a lil’ tricky to match, i haven’t had the occasion to have clothes that go with these earrings. i mean they’re such a statement piece! or maybe its just that i’m not used to dangling earrings anymore, i hardly wore ’em since i gave birth geez
coke earrings

vintage rose ring, very cool & pretty. i’ve wore it many times, can’t get enough of it ;P

i think the workmanship is fantastic, and anything green & earth-saving, i’m for it 😀 check ’em out here