so many to share but i’m so late in all, pardon me that i take the time to pen down certain highlights in the posts to come…but a glance at what we’ve been up to:

the kid’s 1st year-end school concert where he performed on stage for the 1st time. 6 birthday parties/dinners. the kid’s 1st birthday celebration in school with friends & teachers. 1st christmas party at the kid’s school. many trips of shopping for prezzies (just me & the beloved ;D). a christmas outreach party where i played the artist & the photographer. attended 2 sessions of the homeschooling montessori programme with close friends initiated by C & W. several of playdates & catching up with friends. family christmas gathering. movies & dates with the husb. exploring parks & gardens. home decluttering part I & II (to be cont…). stay tuned!

6 weeks of school hols for the husb as a teacher, and 6 weeks of crazy fun, quiet moments, gatherings, parties & madness…me & the kid are crazy happy to have the MOH (man of the household) around so much.

come next week, the husb’s back to work. its back to normalcy & routine where i once again learn to take delight & joy in the extraordinariness of ordinary days.