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C, W, J and me are a group of sahms who used to meet up & hang out with our kiddos when they’re still pretty young. beck joined in the group after nat’s arrival. they’re all connected thru me, as in C was ex-colleague, W long time friend since Uni, J long time friend in church since more than 15 years ago. and you know how becky & i are related. after that W became becky’s colleague (ex now). since we became moms around the same time & all decided to be sahms, i brought them all together & we’ve been hanging out since…now C, W & J are moms of 2 kids, 3 of our kids started school and we have much lesser opportunities to hang out together.

this school hols, C & W decided to get together to start their montessori programme they’ve signed up sometime back before they had their 2nd kids. and our group sorta got reunited altho’ there were never one session where all 5 of us were there…

there were chinese learning, maths, english…becky & i threw in some impromptu programme like storytelling, puppetry, music & dance…when the kids were restless, we brought them down to have some water relay games, playground, basically activities to expend their boundless energy.

i would like to think the kids had fun gathering together, learning, playing, eating & bathing together (the kid & nat).

the new additions to this group, 2 babies were busy exploring & tasting stuffs around them

they used to innocently interact with one another, crawling or toddling around and babbling. i can’t believe that i searched & searched but i just couldn’t find ONE photo with all 5 of them!! not even ONE photo with 4 of them (the group before becky & nat)
sahm group3
sahm group2
sahm group

now they’re now big toddlers learning to share, interact meaningfully & communicating in extensive use of vocabs & words. its amazing how time flies & how these little friends have grown.
sahm group4
sahm group5

we’ve grown close over the years while watching our kids grow, walking together in the journey of motherhood. we take turns to babysit, we do sleepovers, we share resources, we helped with confinement, we take turns to cook meals, we take turns to wash the dishes. there’s just this warm familiarity among us.

the group has gotten so much bigger, with becky & nat, with 3 new babies and its just gonna get bigger. its much rowdier, at times out of control but oh how i love this group & i was soo happy to be with them this holiday. chaotic sessions but heartwarming 😀 i can picture all of us as little old ladies gathering in gardens & cafes enjoying life in years to come.