the kid’s been practising his dance EVERYDAY after he came home from school for a month plus leading up to his 1st year-end school concert. he’s all hyped up & enjoying the rehearsals in school & dancing at home.

his teachers were concerned how he will be on the day itself when he finally goes on stage, performing in front of a huge crowd of audience, with his parents in the midst. i was also concerned about how he will react if he spots us in the crowd. will he freak out? will he have stage-fright? will he run in & refused to dance in front of so many people? i mean this kid’s not exactly comfortable with loud noises & big crowds…we’ve been raising him in peaceful, calm environment…

but gosh, the shy little kid has shown yet another level of development & maturity in this event. very professional in his performances, very focused & well-coordinated in his dance moves. from start to finish. for 2 performances, he carried himself so confidently. he looked a little tensed during his 1st performance, just trying to focus on his steps & carrying it through. but 1/2 way through the 2nd performance, he was smiling & enjoying himself, dancing on stage with his friends.

and if you remember the astronaut suit that i’ve made some months back? yep, that’s for this concert. and i’ve got a prize – a box of ferrero rochers for the effort.

once again, is this lil’ astronaut cool or is he cool?
school's concert 2

he was a lil’ disorientated & warm!
school's concert

beyond the colorful costumes & props, beyond the music at the background, people’s voices, joyous clapping, i saw my little boy growing into a wonderful, confident little man. 😀