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the kid celebrated his 4th birthday in school – his 1st birthday party with his friends, in school.

as a first, we wanted to make it fun & memorable for him & for his little friends. the husb & i shopped, brainstormed & discussed about the plan. we wanted to have useful, healthy goodie bags for the kids. we settled on animals pencils, 3-in-1 sharpeners & organic junior juices.
goodie bags
the husb & i packed ’em in brown paper bags, with different stickers stuck on each one. into the wee hours of the night but we had so much fun 😀
goodie bags 2

we got the purple dino, barney to deliver the birthday cake!

a castle banana cake!
[the kid: i’m sorry ladies, i’ve to destroy the castle…]
[blond girl: really?? do you really have to…………..]
[brunette girl: oh man, i can’t watch the destruction….]
4th birthday

the kid was very surprised to see barney (though he doesn’t watch barney & doesn’t know who barney is) & was ultra delighted to have barney around…
4th birthday 2

unfortunately, while barney tried to deliver not just the cake but some fun & joy to all, many kids were trying to harm him, out of sheer pleasure. (so yes, they did have lotsa fun bashing barney, stepping on his toes, pulling his tail & hugging him hard). i found barney missing at one point, only to find him hiding himself away from these violent enthuasistic, warm kids.
[me: what are you doing here? come on in!]
[barney:hush (beckoning me to go over & i went) quick, lets finish up, pack up & go before the homicide of barney happens]
i kid you not, i was just short of rolling on the floor laughing my lungs out.
barney 2

poor barney..altho’ he was slightly traumatised by the harassment warm welcome, he parted in jest & did a bum-shake bye, cya!
barney 3

i, of course, had to take a photo with the famous dinosaur ;P
barney 4

back to the focus – the birthday boy. he was just totally over the moon, with everything. with the cake, with barney, with the goodie bags. as the birthday kid, he was supposed to give out the goodie bags to each classmate. the brown bags all look the same, but the kid actually took time, looked at each bag, looked at each different sticker & then decide who should get which bag. my son made such effort to personalise each goodie bag, looked at each kid in the eyes as he passed the bag & said, “L, this is for you.”
4th birthday 3

as i was watching the entire process, my heart swelled with pride & overflowed with warmth. yet another glimpse of what my little boy is becoming…O how God has blessed me with such a son.
4th birthday 4