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i’m so slow in finishing up the backlog posts – its already feb 2013 & i’m still posting about 2012!! bleah…

anyhow~~ 2nd week of dec, we attended the 1st christmas party at the kid’s school. it was potluck dinner, each family was to bring a dish, i made palm-sized wraps with salmon, chicken, pumpkin & capsicums.

there were gifts exchange (for the kids only boohoo!), some games for the parents, some singing & dancing from the teachers & a couple of performances by the kids (the kid’s supposed to play the egg-shakers but he performance-break!). i didn’t get the chance to take photos of the paper decor around the school but they were wonderfully, creatively (handcrafted, recycled decor) put together by the teachers, i love ’em!!

in all, it was fun. the party was at the patio area on top of the hill, overlooking the private estate opposite, with nature so close you can smell the flora. it was a very cool place to hang out.

the husb put together some kinda a light show after the party, at the stone table on a field, opposite the school. it’s pitch dark which was brilliant. we were the only ones who hung around to play after the party, we tried asking a couple of kids (and their parents) to join us but they were all in a hurry to go off. he basically gathered stuffs that light & shine for this lightshow 😀
he got this really cool tealight holder (from ikea)

long sparklers – we had fun making circles & patterns with the sparks, the kid especially had fun flinging around
check out the effect!
sparklers 2

lightsticks that can be made into neon spectacles!lightsticks specs
aren’t we cool?
lightsticks specs 2

we had such a blast, thanks to the husb who constantly has ideas for fun. he always like to create opportunities for extra fun. life has definitely been more exciting, fun & adventurous with him in it 😀