yay, i’ve finally finished with 2012 posts!

but the whirlwind continues, which also explains why i’m sooo slow in posting…after the kid’s 1st week of school in 2013, he was down with influenza H, don’t ask me to explain what it is, google it…greenish goob started oozing out from his eyes, and i mean thick goob, secreting every 1/2hr or less. he wasn’t feeling any pain or discomfort, on his eyes or any part of his body. but this goob continued to come after a couple of days and red streaks starting appearing on the white of his eyes & he started having a lil’ stuffed nose. so we brought him to the PD. PD sent greenish goob for lab test & influenza H it was. had medicine to helped the muscus flow out of his nose instead of his eyes and after 2 days of constant runny nose, used up boxes of tissues, the kid’s good as new! well actually, he seemed more energetic than i was thru’out the entire 5 days he was away from school & entirely home with me! equation i worked out towards the end: sick, lethargic kid with runny nose + same amount of boundless energy to expend = ultra exhausted mama

back to school for 1 more week and bam! the kid’s down with viral fever (i think), boohoo…fever fluctuating between 35.9 to 39.4 for 3 days, puke on the 2nd day and the minute we brought him to the PD, his fever stayed down till erh, now…bleah. the kid’s 1st blood test (not counting the jaundice test at infancy), no dengue, phew. but sluggish he was, this time round…konking out at different times of the day
dunno what it was, but after another 1 week of no school, i’m happy that he’s happy to be back at school.

then there was the teeth situation…about 2 years back, the kid had an accident which injuried his 2 front teeth, you can read about it here. nothing showed so far in his half-yearly dental check-ups until now..i noticed 2 tiny pimple-like bumps on his gum just above his 2 front teeth, a week before his next scheduled dental appointment. dentist was concerned, took an x-ray, said effects of the trauma showing now, there’s infection, nerve has slowly, quietly died. 2 options given to us: root canal with a 60% success chance of clearly the infection & saving the teeth or extraction which definitely will clear the infection once & for all but the kid will be teethless till he’s 7 or 8 when his adult teeth grow out.

headaches just trying to think & discuss the different probabilities, outcomes, effects, etc… what a whirlwind huh.