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hello everyone, meet our 2 new friends:

billy. i started noticing this dog roaming around on his own. its a he and he’s got a tag around his neck. i spotted him roaming around in the same fashion usually anytime between 11-2pm. its been several months now. for a long time i thought he’s an abandoned dog perhaps but after consulting 2 friends who are dog-lovers (1 actually adopted abandoned dogs), he doesn’t seem to be an abandoned dog. you remember i became a dog walker sometime last year. the owner of that dog didn’t mind adopting this dog if he’s indeed abandoned. the owner’s name is jean and husband decided we should call this dog billy (male version of billie) so that when jean adopts billy, its ‘billy(billie) jean’…ah well, anyways, it turned out that billy isn’t an abandoned dog after all. during the husb’s hols, he bumped into billy for the 1st time, and billy actually followed him (with the kid) home . for all the times i saw billy, never once did he follow me. when we opened the door, he wanted to come in but we had to apologetically explain that we are not able to take him in and he sat outside our gate for quite awhile before going away. 2 days later, i bumped into billy while he was sniffing vigorously outside our lift landing. he followed me up, but seemed hesitant to enter my house this time. i went in, took a belt, looped it through his collar & attached it to my gate, hoping to bring him over to jean’s in the evening when she comes back from work (she tried looking for him in the evening but never could). but billy seemed reluctant for me to do that, and started ‘howling’ in a low, sad tone (like a wolf, maybe more like a baby wolf) and kept looking towards the lift. so finally i figured that he might wanna go back to the ground floor so i helped him down & he just roamed off. fast forward – we haven’t seen billy around for sometime until recently i spotted him again, this time without his collar & tag. the husb bumped into him again last week (with the kid) and they followed him around for a good 15mins and heard some neighbours staying at the ground level calling out to him (so apparently he’s got a name and its not billy of cos) & smiling & saying it’s time he should head home. ahhhh, and so the mystery solved. this dog is given the freedom to roam around at certain time perhaps & knows how to head home after his walks. thats cool. so nowadays when we spot him, we’ll be delighted. we’ll go up to him and said, “hey here billy, how ya doin’?”

and poopy. this brown & white pigeon has found a place to perch itself on the ledge outside our window. EVERY single day, it’ll be back between 6-7pm usually, later on somedays, maybe 730pm.  and it’ll usually be gone by about 7+am in the morning. sometimes it comes back (maybe for naps??) either around 11+am or 2+pm or both . most fridays and some saturdays it doesn’t come back or it comes back really late (party over the weekends???). sometimes it stays on the inside, at the corner (especially if the rain is heavy). but most of the time, it stays on the ledge. it sleeps with eyes open. it stands with 1 feet up sometimes , sometimes with 2 feet down. it makes vibrating cooing sounds. we have no idea how to find out if poopy’s a male or female, we just decide it’s a male.

the husb decided to name it poopy…well, because..erh, pretty self-explanatory in the photo below…the poop just accumulates because erh because no one cleans it off, the rain doesn’t, no matter how heavy it pours. poopy obviously can’t clean up after himself. besides the fact that its highly unsightly, we have no problem with that. we’re just amazed how a pigeon decides to make this place his home, coming back faithfully almost everyday and knows when the weekend comes. the kid’s happy to have him around, wants to check if poopy’s around several times a day, laughs when he sees poopy & says goodnite.

poopy 2

these 2 unexpected non-human friends have brought some added amount of joy, entertainment, amusement & fun in the family.