i’m quite a yogurt fanatic. all things yogurt i love – yogurt ice-cream, frozen yogurt, yogurt drink, lassi.

you remember i make my own yogurt at home. its easy, fuss-free, economical & much more healthier, not to mention it tastes 10x times better than commercially sold ones.

a friend introduced a yogurt-like thingy called kefir moons ago, it sounded laborious to make then so i stick with my yogurt culture powder. but recently she brought this kefir drink to let me try. she added ribena syrup & chia seeds (new to me!). O it was so yummy, so refreshing! i’m hooked! i let the kiddo tried & he kept asking for more and more and more.
kefir & chia

i heard the process of making kefir drink again, sounded easier this time, googled on it and utterly amazed by the immense health benefits (much more than yogurt!). my friend grew some kefir grains for me. after 1st round of fermentation (with maybe about 3-4 ounces of milk), the size of kefir grains is maybe a quater of a teaspoon, as shown in this photo.
kefir grains

this is how the fermented milk looks like. so u put the milk together with the kefir grains, let it sit out for at least 10hrs. after it becomes curdy, strain it to reveal the kefir grains. put the kefir grains in another clean glass bottle, pour in some milk, you can either store in the fridge or leave it out to ferment another batch. the longer you leave it out, the more fizzy & watery the drink. so it depends if you want a yogurt like dessert or a fizzy drink. (the longer you leave it to ferment, the higher the alcohol content.)

the 2nd round of fermentation, with slightly more milk, the grains grew to more than 1/2 a teaspoon! well, did i forget to mention its a live culture? it grows & multiplies indefinitely as long as the conditions are right. the husb keeps joking we’ve got a live thing growing in our kitchen, “its alive!” (with his hand rising out from under)
kefir grains 2

i tried fermenting orange juice (carton) but after putting out for more than 48hrs, nothing has changed, so i deemed as unsuccessful fermentation. this week, i fermented about 500ml of milk and left it out for more than 30hrs and look how much the grains have grown! a tablespoonful! i added organic wild honey & gel chia seeds, an ultra yummy fizzy drink, i slurped the last drop of it.
kefir grains

because i had so much grains to play with, i experimented with sugar drink and strawberry milk. the kiddo has slurped up all the strawberry kefir…the sugar drink is still out there, i shall see if anything happens to it
kefir 3

i’ve been on kefir for about 3 weeks now, i can’t say what health benefits i’m reaping right now except that i’m enjoying the drink very much. the kid does too, lets see if he falls ill less (not that he’s vulnerable to start with). i just started the husb on it. he gets stomach woes pretty often, so we shall see the results on him more apparently if he gets significantly less stomach woes.

i’m converting to kefirfor sure now. but i’m trying to finish up my existing yogurt powder. sometime back, the kid suggested using strawberry milk to make yogurt because he really wanted a strawberry-flavored yogurt (like those commercially made ones, and adding fresh strawberries to plain yogurt does not count). how clever! it didn’t occur to me i could use strawberry milk, gee. and it worked beautifully! we added blueberries, it was heavenly ;D
strawberry yogurt

its supposed to be suitable & good for everyone (don’t ferment so long if you’re giving kids). so, if anyone would like to start the kefir journey, let me know, i can grow some grains for ya!