ahh…my son, the kid, he cracks me up majorly with the things he says…recently, he’s been getting very ‘in-tuned’ with his heart and the One who stays in his heart.

during a walk, he randomly brought this up :
the kid: when i drink milk, the milk flows down & Jesus drinks the milk too right?
me: (caught by surprise & dumbfounded) (chuckle)
the husb: oh! is that right?
the kid: ya!because Jesus is in me right? i share my milk with Jesus, when i drink milk, He gets to drink too!

during dinner:
the kid: (chewing his food) so after i chew my food, it will flow down into my body and Jesus will eat the same thing i ate right?
me: (chuckled) i guess.
the kid: but i need to chew the food 1st before i can swallow and then the food goes down into my body, becomes liquid, then Jesus can only eat the liquid food?
me: (dumbfounded & laughing my head off)

during lunch (in my absence, told by the husb):
the kid: (chewing his food) i can feel my food going down slowly, near my heart, so Jesus is eating the food now.

one afternoon, after school, the sun was finally out after a continuous downpour of rain for days (or weeks?!!)
me: (stretching my hands & smiling widely) yay, the sun’s out finally, i’m sooo happy!
the kid: (thinking hard) i prayed (realising God has answered his prayer) i asked God to let it stop raining.
me: oh!! when did you ask God?
the kid: in my room. (smiling smugly)


he is my lil’ humourous bunny