i know i’m a lil’ late in new year resolutions…but then again i’m not quite a new-year-resolutions kinda person…i make resolutions along the way, as and when, when i need to change something, or need to do something new. i’ve learnt to make simple, achieveable resolutions…it just happened that i made 2 at the beginning of 2013…the 1st is to cook more meals at home, especially lunch for myself, at least mon to fri. last year when the kid started school in april, i ate lunch very sloppily. the kid eats lunch in school. i either eat an early lunch around 11-1130am (before i pick the kid up) or a late lunch around 2+pm (after i fetch the kid, shower him & prepare his snacks), mostly by myself. so that explains the sloppiness in me lunches. sometimes i ate tidbits/snacks (like wolving down OCK curry puffs, fishballs, or crackers, etc). few occasions i actually succumbed to the very convenient cup noodles!! or i ate out or bought back hawkerfare which you know how healthy those can be. so i made a mental note that i shall be sloppy no more & resume my healthy eating habits. i have to say i’m pretty proud of myself wrt this resolution thus far, i can safely report 3 or 4 out of 5 weekdays, i eat in and i eat healthy, and i eat homemade 😀

wholemeal wrap with baked salmon, roasted pumpkin & baby spinach. i love wraps, and i love this combi. salmon so easy, so quick, so convenient to make. so were the roasted pumpkin. and i love baby spinach with salmon. slurped!
lunch 2

i’ve been doing alot salads for lunches, and this new mix is satisfying and sooo easy to put together!! brown rice crackers, edamame beans, dried prunes, tuna in olive oil.

for one weekend dinner, i strolled around the supermarket not quite sure what to cook for dinner and discovered pork sirloin. bought them home, grilled on hcp, made mushroom & prune sauce to pour over, accompanied by baked potatoes, steamed carrots and creamy mushroom soup with shredded zucchini. O it was a very fulfilling and happy dinner. a new menu i’m so happy with! (especially a creation born outta desperation not knowing what to cook)

homemade meals, healthier bodies, a happier me ;D