recently decided to start a new activity with the kid – scrapbooking, actually more like documenting accompanied by collections. these days i usually have plastic bags kept in little pockets in my bags. when we are out somewhere, like in a park or garden or beach, we’ll pick things up and collect them in these plastic bags. then back home, we’ll put these things individually or collectively in smaller plastic bags, scotch-taped them down in a scrapbook, note down the date & where we were. we’ll then doodle around things we saw, touched, tasted, smell, heard or experienced…i was tempted to write down some captions or perhaps thoughts and accounts but decided to let our doodling tell of our experience.

1st documentation was on macRitchie reservoir, just me & the kid 😀
expressive scrapbooking 2

2nd was kallang river park (but the kid name it as nicoll highway park because the part we went is just next to nicoll highway mrt station), just me, the husb and the kid ;D
expressive scrapbooking

building memory bank for the kid and myself (lest i get dementia when i grow old??), of wonderful times spent together. 🙂