almost 2 months back, AL and i went for a hike at macRitchie reservoir. i’ve hiked through the treetop before, but was a short route in and continued way up to bukit timah hill but this is the 1st hike within macRitchie itself, to the treetop and back. we were ambitious, decided to take the toughest, longest route.

before the hike began, such is the condition of our shoes…

we emerged from this jungle trail into this area that seems outta the world, i mean outta singapore, it was pretty breathtaking. it was peaceful, serene and non-crowded.
macRitchie 2
and we wished we could pitch a tent here and watch the twinkling stars at night

some pretty flora along the way

and the view from the treetop walk is quite a sight – sorry the photos not doing justice
treetoptreetop 3

i was very happy to spot a rambutan tree in the midst of the forestation, always delighted to spot one ;D
treetop 2

we took close to 4hrs to complete a round trip of the treetop. its quite a feat when we had to wade through wet, muddy grounds and i meant VERY mushy and slushy mud (because of the amount of rain weeks and months before). but we were proud of ourselves and grateful for the time spent together 😀  –  my me and friendship time gee ;P
shoes 2