i found this pair of boots online, on sale for only $25 (another few dollars for shipping)!! at first i wasn’t sure about the versatility of this hard-rocker kinda style, might be difficult to match. but i’m loving it so far and came in really handy for the rainy season. i’ve been wearing it out almost everyday. its comfortable, easy to wear & easy to take off (side zipper). most happy of all, they keep my feet dry & snugly warm from the rain & muddy grounds. this is one of the ways i’ve dressed to match the boots (also because of the cold, rainy season). not really match for dresses or skirts though, so i’ll need to find another pair. (hah, excuses, excuses for shopping!)


i haven’t really worn new clothes of cny for many years now, as in i don’t intentionally look for new clothes to wear for cny like i was ‘required’ to in my much younger days. this year, i had one new dress to wear. not because of cny, but because i like it and it coincided with cny. i’ve been browsing lavenderlane since they started shortly. (co-run by a friend). i like the retro fashion they bring but wasn’t sure if any suits me. i mean i love retro but tried on a couple, the cut & material just doesn’t look good on me, bleah, i can’t pull it off, boohoo :,( but i saw this, and thought ok not chiffon, maybe i can give it a try!
they’ve got really nice stuffs, and usually bring in just a few pieces, so be sure to check them out! (not to mention their service is excellent & prompt!)

i tried 2 ways of wearing it: the more elegant, ladylike way. hairbun, pearl ear studs and a belt. (either the dress length is really short for my comfort level or i’m just not used to wearing skirt or dress that is above my knees. i found myself constantly having to pull the dress down. well, i haven’t exactly wear this length for quite a no. of years, not very practical for a sahm with a young kid, ya’ know?)
dress 2

the more modern, chic style. curls let down, black leggings, belt. ahhh~~much more at ease, leggings so comfortable, i don’t look so ‘sweet’ and ‘ladylike’ (not particularly take to these sorta compliments). i can move around comfortably, no need to keep pulling down my dress. i like. ;D