yesterday was the husb’s birthday, the kid & i baked a cake for him and planned to lay in ambush for a surprise mini birthday celebration. i made banana swiss roll. again from my favoritest recipe book okashi. we planned to lay in wait in the kid’s dark room with cake & lighted candles and when we hear his footsteps nearing, we’ll get ready to shout “surprise, happy birthday!”

another amazingly easy recipe: just 5 ingredients – eggs, castor sugar, flour, whipping cream and bananas
banana swiss roll 2

sorry the photo’s blurry, i was in hurry in case the husb’s home…3 cocktail brollies 😀
banana swiss roll

there were a couple of hiccups. the husb texted to say he’ll be an hour late from the original time he said he’ll be home. and that’s way past the kid’s bedtime but decided that its ok to let the kid stay up on this day.

then found out that the husb took the only lighter we have to work sometime back and he LEFT it there. panic ruled for a while but i got it solved by lighting a tealight in a tealight holder with stove fire and leave it in the kid’s room. but…he arrived way earlier than his eta (estimated time of arrival. i couldn’t leave the cake out for too long cos of the whipped cream. so we couldn’t get the cake from the frigde! plan b impromptu was to hold the tealight holder and surprise!! the kid waited in extreme silence and he got the timing just right, shouted “happy birthday” just as the husb popped his head into the room. needless to say, the husb was found dumbfounded and definitely surprised, motionless & speechless for many a sec while we were laughing our heads off.

the surprise didn’t turn out exactly as planned but we’ve certainly achieved our goal ;P