this morning devotion, i read Job 1:1-22. tragedies struck ALL at ONE time, not even one after another, yet job immediately fell to the ground and worshipped God after hearing all the bad news and able to say “naked i came from my mother’s womb, and naked i will depart. the LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” (v. 21) woah, what a man! he didn’t even question God why, didn’t sulk & grumble against God with ‘why me’. it didn’t take him a period of mourning & depression before he was able to surrender to God. he actually praised God. right away. wow. i asked myself if i can do that if i were in his shoes. then i got a news. there is a crisis in the family, my extended family. the news shook me and i struggled to swallow it. getting through it is likely to be a long haul.

i needed some time to myself in solitude and quietness; to seek solace, to seek peace, to seek the face of God. to worship and praise.

when i was able to get off home, the storm came. rain so harsh i couldn’t see the road ahead. wind so strong i couldn’t keep my gait straight. i was dejected that i couldn’t head to the reservoir to see the sunset and be out in nature and seek the solitude i so badly needed. i took a roundabout bus ride that left me alone on the entire bus for a good 1/2hr of the journey into a place that gives wide open spaces that makes you feel like you can touch the sky. by the time i turned around, the rain was just some drizzle. i made my way to the reservoir with a hope that i might still be able to catch some colors even if its not a full sunset.

as i slowly walked in towards the reservoir, the rain started to get heavier again. the sky’s a whole sheet of dark clouds. the hope of seeing any light at all diminished as the rain got heavier. i sat at a tiny pavilion watching the raindrops falling onto the ground. then i saw the colors…and the light…and a full sunset
sunset with rain 2
with my brolly, i walked out, stood at the edge of the water and stared hard at the sun.
time stood still, i was being transported into another world and God spoke right into my heart.
sunset with rain
as i watched the sun set and the colors changed, my heart was filled with gladness and peace that flows like a river.
i am reminded that the sun not only just shines after the storm, but the light can shine in the midst of the rain.

it was a kairos moment for me. God is sovereign. when His light shines, rain and storm doesn’t bother.