3 days after the husb’s birthday was my birthday. the kid asked me if i’m gonna bake my own cake, i went mute, then he procceeded to TELL me to bake my own birthday cake. W was very kind and said my son can bake a cake with her for me, since we were heading to her place that day. so the kid & J (W’s daughter) put in the ingredients with W’s instructions and the bread machine baked a birthday cake for me.

a rich chocolate cake, in an interesting nice shape, with love carved out by W 😀
birthday cake

the kids very much enjoyed the cake, much more than the adults!
choc cake

2 tired toddlers were at loggerheads with each other, 1 cranky, 1 super irritated…and a tired cranky baby made up a pretty rowdy evening…an exuberant celebration for me in the form of screams, cries & shouting. W said 3hrs of that felt like 30hrs…needless to say, i reached home totally worn that evening. then a call came & perked me up, personal greetings from 2 friends, A & J. i havent received birthday wishes over the phone for a long time. i was ultra touched. and while i was still savouring the warm feelings (& stoning ), A & J appeared at my doorstep to wish me again & handed me my gift. earlier on, they said they better hang up because i should rest after hearing how tired i was. it was a good stunt isn’t it? and an extremely pleasant surprise. double surprise. double warmth. tears actually welled up in my eyes. speechless. touched. they delivered a high to the end of my birthday.

and to top it off, the husb gave me a black, small leathery journal. i am to read what’s written in it & pass it back to him. he’s writing a book for me and he’s written one & a half chapter.

ah…my love language, words. fulfilled. my love tank’s full on this day 😀 is there a better than best birthday than this?