more funny things the kid said that really cracked me up, :

out of random:
the kid: singapore is very small right?
me: uh-huh, pretty small.
the kid: why are there soo many people if singapore is very small?
me: good question.
the kid: and if there are too many people, singapore will break already!
me: (giggling)
the kid: and if there are so many people, then the bus will break too!
me: (still giggling)
the kid: and then need so many buses, the road will break already! and so many shopping centres, , and so many… (he listed quite a number of infrastructure & services that so many people need i lost track), then everything will break.
me: (laughing my head off) right, such wise words.
the kid: then how? if singapore break already, where do we stay??
me: hmm…
the kid: then we gotta go malaysia and stay, or indonesia…
me: oook…how about australia or cananda or new zealand?
the kid: (as a matter of factly) yea, australia also can.
me: (lets just say i couldn’t wipe the smirk on my face off for a long time.)

the kid has commented several times while putting on his diaper for bedtime about why his penis is “lying sideways” which i obviously have no idea, and this particular evening:
the kid: look, nana (yes he likes to call me that sometimes, i’ve no clue why & how), my penis is pointing upwards today (with a cheeky grin)
me: allllrrrrrigghhht…(stiffling my laughter)
the kid: it is a rocket, blast off!
me: (rofl – i hope it will come back after blasting off, son)

one of the bus stop conversations:
the kid: you know momma, when i grow up, i want to continue to stay in FL, before you & papa die, and after you & papa died, i will still stay in FL, i like FL.
me: oooook…its good you like FL so much. but when you grow up, you might have a wife and your own children. your wife might not wanna stay in FL.
the kid: nooooooo…i’m not gonna have a wife, i don’t want to have children…
me: really?
the kid: ya, i don’t want any wife. its ok, i can be by myself, its fine.
me: right…well, you never know what’s gonna happen next time, its a long time before you grow up (actually really?!)
the kid: its really ok, i don’t want a wife, just me & God.
me: …..


before he was born, i prayed for the joy of the Lord to be with him at all times , i also prayed that he’ll be as humorous as his papa and that his heart will be after God’s own heart…i see many glimpses of those prayers answered even at this young age…my heart’s glad 😀