i love nature. i love the surprises i find.

during one of the day dates i had the privilege to have with the husb, we strolled along the waters of kallang riverside park. down at the waters, i spotted what i thought looked like leeches (pink?!?) on the rocks.
pink eggs 2

as we strolled along, we spotted many, many more . on the rocks, on the side of the walls, etc. the curiousity was killing me, i have never seen anything like that. armed with my cam, i went down for a closer inspection.
pink eggs
don’t you think they’re such pretty pinks, especially basking in the sunlight. i love the color! they looked like clusters of eggs. i tried finding out what they are. apparently, they are really eggs. eggs of apple snails. O how cute is the name…and this is how a golden apple snail looks like:
Applesnail | Ampullariidae - Pomacea canaliculata ( Ampullarie )

how stunning is this dude? i absolutely love nature.