haven’t made popsicles for eons. then i saw this pops recipe and decided its high time for some homemade pops!

what i used:
– watermelon, blend into puree and put aside
– 2 blueberries in a pop
– green kiwi, peeled & sliced, 1 slice in a pop
– strawberries, roughly sliced, 2 pcs in a pop
for a 2nd patch (i’ve only had 1/2 dozen popsicle molds), the fruits i used:
– strawberries
– plums, peeled & roughly chopped
– green kiwi
– black grapes, peeled, 1/2 in a pop

what i did:
put all the cut fruits in the molds and then pour the watermelon puree in, stick an ice-cream stick in and freeze it!
woohoo!! looking so pretty & tasting so refreshing!
fruity pops

this is a great thing to do with your kid! i did it with the kid. he had so much fun slicing the fruits, popping ’em into the molds, and pouring the watermelon puree in. we had so much watermelon puree left we made them into lego cubes & fish cubes. don’t they look really cute? ;P
fruity cubes

of course, needless to say, the kid enjoyed every bit licking a fruity pop the next day.