after the treetop hike we did (finally after talking about it for eons!), AL & i decided to physically list down the things we would like to do together, which we’ve been rattling on & on about. so that we can happily strike things off the list with a sense of fulfillment ;P we’re happy with a list of 20 (for now), valid as long as we’re both healthy & alive, & staying in sg, hah…here we go (not in order of preference or priority):

1. cycling at ubin
2. shopping at uniqlo
3. hang out at wild oats (punggol park)
4. explore/chill at lower & upper peirce reservoir
5. explore/chill at lower & upper seletar reservoir
6. hike at bukit timah hill
7. dine/chill at western bar & yahava koffee
8. retreat at sister’s island
9. explore labrador nature reserve
10. retreat at hangout @ mount emily
11. trip to kukup & kelong
12. chill at changi airport
13. trip to cambodia
14. trip to vietnam
15. trip to kota tinggi
16. trip to sebana cove
17. hike up mount tahan
18. trip to nongsa
19. group trip to chek jawa
20. night cycling

ohoooooo, adventure, that is the life!!!! hoot!!!