i take walks after dropping off the kid at school (towards home), sometimes armed with my semi-pro cam. its a precious time because i love to take walks, i love nature, i get unhurried time by myself, i get uninterrupted time with God, i get to discover things in the nature & leisurely take photos…during my “off days” (yes, i get most of the entire saturdays for myself), i like to scoot off to parks & gardens for extended time in solitude, with God, to read, to declutter, reflect, refresh & to recharge…

i’ve taken tonnes of photos of interesting things (to me, at least!), so i shall have a series of posts on these photos and hope these fauna & flora enchant you & delight you as much as they did to me 🙂

things that crawl –
i’ve no idea what this is called, its like a snake, hear lotsa them ruffling among the dried leaves as i walked along the reservoir
i’m not sure if its the same web, these 2 photos are taken on separate days. i was so awed by the intricacies of the web!
spider web
i’ve no idea what this lizard is called
a pretty glossy ant, y’ think?
lizard 2
another lizard
last but not least, my favouritest crawler so vibrantly colorful