things that fly –
i’m guessing this dude is a kingfisher?its got an amazing beak, don’t y’think?!
bird 4

i’m thinking this is definitely a kingfisher – spotted 2 of them a couple times around the vicinity of the kid’s school

yellow bird up on the tree
yellow bird

hey fluffy-feathers-chubs perched high atop the pole

check out the tangerine chest! i think i’ve finally seen what a swallow really looks like up close…i had just not too long ago told the husband that we have never seen a swallow close enough because they’re so tiny, and they’re always in constant motion, fast motion mind you! but i spotted this fellow hanging out here, enjoying the calm waters like i was! exhilarating!
bird 2

hey you there! you hunching grump, don’t worry, be happy, cheer up man!
bird 3

woodpecker!! cartoons came alive!!

hope for the flowers 😀

bright red dragonfly

deep mahogany shimmering in the sun, how gorgeous!
dragonfly 2

my heart leaps for joy everytime i spot a winged creature & able to capture on my cam ;D