we absolutely love the kid’s hairstyle – rocker style, japanese beach boy (titled by many other peeps), cool & unusual. he stands out as a kid.

but…it was getting a lil’ long, and with the weather so humid & warm, perspiration beads were brewing in the thickness of the mob. washing his hair takes quite abit of effort, time and erh, shampoo & water. towel-drying takes equal bit of effort & time. i need to get thru that length & thickness to get into the scalp, mind you. so, i cajoled, explained, brainwashed reasoned why its time to get a haircut. and he had such a fun time at his haircut, making funny faces, smiling, bouncing off clumps of hair that fell on his robe. and the kid has grown up, 1st time sitting all by himself for the haircut (1st 5mins, he sat on my lap).
haircut 2

i kept saying, “who’s that kid in the mirror? where’s asher gone to?” as he transformed under the scissors. and then when he was done, he stood there staring himself in the mirror and said, “who is this?” and then, “i look like papa now!” and he wheezed off hopping gaily and yay-ing away. he’s created quite a buzz in school with his new look – teachers glanced at him, took a 2nd glance and went wah! with mouth agaped; teachers commenting he looks exactly like daddy now; this teacher looking for asher when he’s just standing next to her; and this other teacher looked at him & asked another teacher who’s this kid. hair 2
now he looks like every other kid, bleah, hahah… altho’ he had a really good cut and its growing out really well,
but i miss his rocker hairstyle…but its such a breeze washing & drying his hair now!! but i like to see his hair grow out again…

yes, i am a conflicting parent. *@*