the kid brought home a term’s worth of worksheets that he did in school…
the drawings of himself & the family are hilarious, check ’em out
hmm…i wonder how he knows he would have this short a hairstyle back then when he was doing this..
and why he is upside down on the inside of a large spoon…isn’t the huge smile gorgeous?

drawing 3
ahem, the father’s not exactly tall for a guy, but yes, the father’s tall in the son’s eyes ;D

drawing 4
check out the cool grandpa! a grandpop with retro, suave sideburns, doing hip-hop! i love this pic!

drawing 2
O yes, we like to spend time together as a family, smiling & stretching our arms wide  =D
hey wait a sec there, who’s that at the corner, the lil’ gal with ponytails??
to which the kid answered, “thats my sister, i want a sister” fwahahahaha

and this morning, while we were boarding the bus to school:
kid: is God gonna make more babies?
me: oh yes, God is making many, many more babies.
kid: is God gonna give you more babies?
me: …..
kid: can you ask God to give you a baby?
me: yes of cos, kiddo.
kid: (staring at me, as if waiting for me to pray right there as i stepped a foot up the bus) can you ask God now? to give you a baby.
me: yes, we can ask God, baby.
kid: so will He give you a baby?
me: (smiling) i’m not sure, we shall see