the others that i managed to spot –

animals that climb trees –
many monkeys were out having morning tea while i was jogging at macR reservoir.
caught one sitting comfortably eating stuffs from the bushes

i love squirrels, they’re so agile, quick & cute! look at that bushy tail! they produce a few variety of sounds, next time when u’re in the forest or reservior, and u hear something sharp (like a bird whistling actually), or u hear some clicking sounds, pause in your trail & look around you, you might just be able to spot a few of these endearing creatures ūüėÄ

animals that swim –
beautiful white swans gliding gracefully on the water

this fellow quietly crept up along the boardwalk right next to where i was walking, at the reservoir. it is not a komodo dragon which is capable of eating people. this is a water monitor lizard. its size startled me initially but it seems so calm & peaceful and i actually find its face cute. awed is more the word, again.
water monitor liz
well this looks like a komodo dragon from afar, right?!

an animal that hops –
err…or used to hop

O there are so many other animals that i’ve spotted during many of my impromptu walks & hands-free walks, that i couldn’t capture them on film. but i made sure i took time, stopped in my tracks,¬†stared for a long time and ¬†took into memory the marvels of God’s creation.