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the kid’s first on a bicycle with training wheels

he’s been on the trike for a long time now, and he’s going really fast on that, so we thought its high time he transit to the next level (actually I think we’re slow!). hmm, my kid is not the most adventurous & dare-devil of kids. he likes to mope around a new thing & needs a lot of nudging & encouragement to start trying. but with this new thing, he got on the bike pretty quickly on his own (ok maybe unsure for just a wee bit) and before I could say “ok, we’ll take this”, he’s pedalled off.

he enjoyed the ride so much, he could ride on & on…we stopped by the beach for dinner & immediately after he’s finished, he was raring to go – in his exact words, “c’mon, lets go, i’m very exercizzzzising!
IMG_3395 (2)

the kid’s growing up too fast, for sure