I used to make pops quite abit when the kid was younger, when introducing food & different ways of food presentations was fun & exciting. then that passion died off little by little *O*

then I saw a recipe and I made these delectable watermelon fruit pops 2 months back, for a playdate with 5 mommies & 6 kiddos. and the pops-making fever has continued ever since.

I’ve gone on to make different fruity pops (actually from the leftover smoothies I’ve been making)
fruit pops
from the left: mango + kefir + milk + chia seeds gel + honey, strawberry + blueberry + kefir+ milk + chia seeds gel +honey, red dragonfruit + milk + kefir+ honey

then the kid had 2 nasty ulcers at the back of his throat and for 2 days he couldn’t swallow any solid foods and PD endorsed ice-cream, pops, ice-cubes, cold drinks… so I made up these pops
white is barley pops! and it taste so refreshing! green pops is avocado + kefir+ green/red apples + spinach + honey. the power green pops making sure the kid still gets his nutrients while on a liquid diet for that 2 days.

it’s been fun and…actually therapeutic experimenting with different pops. and it felt heart-warming to enjoy slurping cold pops together with the kid at the tiny table in our kitchen, with him not clinging to me & crying because of the pain.

ahhh, cold pops – an oasis from the heat of the illness.