hi there, it’s been quite awhile since you heard from me..
well, there was a mega change since the start of may – the husb’s outta the workplace that he’s served for 8 long years. yes, there is now a SAHM (stay-home-mom) AND a SAHD (stay-home-dad) in the house.

the husb has been trying to catch up on lost time with a fierce vengeance!! he wants to do so many stuffs, meet up with people, plan fun outings, I am bushed!! everyday he adds new things to the routines and spice things up SOOOooo much I’ve completely lost my voice at this moment (literally!!) O to be really honest, as much I love the man to be around, but some days I sat, alone for a rare peaceful morning in the kitchen, craving for some normalcy to the daily routine…some days, I begged if we could just stay home for a day, ahahh
because I happened to have quite a few workshops in may, we joked about role reversals, me going to work early in the morning till evening and him running errands like making calls/enquiries, replenishing household items, etc…

the initial weeks were just fighting tension and trying to agree to disagree on many issues regarding routines & the way things have been at home. basically the system I’ve set for the almost 5 years I’ve been a sahm. don’t get me wrong, we are completely involved with each other (not the idea that since he works, I take care of the home totally on my own), the husb has been involved in everything to do with the kid & the home in every way he could. but ya’ know, its usually the nitty-gritties that get on people’s toes.

chores get pile up. we eat out so often that I feel like i’m ruining my body for life. we get so much sun I feel burned most of the time. the kid’s been having later nights than his usual 7-730pm bedtime and he’s having so much fun that for many mornings, he doesn’t wanna go to school.

yes, it sounds like i’m lamenting but i’m not. yeps, there’re inconveniences and for a high S me, i’m having greater difficulty adjusting to changes than my dear high I husb. but, we are on the whole, very grateful for this period, where we are spending so much quality & quantity time together, catching up on lost time. I am indeed very glad to have a more energised, more focused husb. and the son is very happy to have the papa spending time playing with him. and I get to do many things and having more time for myself too.
most of all, i’m glad to have my husb back. I’ve kinda lost bits of him to the job for that 8 years he was in. it was a huge relief for both of us.

the husb said one day, in full contentment, “I’ve no regrets for labouring so hard to build our home, we may not have any income at the moment, but with a wonderful son & a lovely wife I can spend time with now, all thanks be to God, I feel like i’m the richest man on earth”. awww, how do I not love this man?

what’s the plan? what’s the next step? many asked. seriously, we don’t know. yet. it is daunting, exciting, adventurous, scary of course. but till it is revealed, we shall enjoy the time for now. ;D
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