the haze 2 weeks ago was horrid, it got so bad that we had to keep all windows & doors tightly shut, but the air still leaked in, causing irritable eyes & throats. and, my one & only aircon in the master bedroom sorta doesn’t function…so we were dying a slow death of suffocation if not by the poisonous air tat leaked in..

on the day where the psi reading hit a record high of 400+, I sewn up a cloth mask (wet) so thick I struggled to breathe & absolutely couldn’t smell a thing, cos I needed to make a dash to the supermarket for some respite & also stock up food in case the haze got even worse.

but nothing stopped us for still having fun, even if we’re sealed indoors, surviving only with fans that seem to be giving hotter than cool wind..
the husb spent 4hrs at the library just the day before the haze started to turn for the worse while the kid & I went for a workshop (another post on this later). and when we came back, we saw this delightful display of books on the table.

so we’ve spent the first 2 days of terrible haze reading book after book. the husb borrowed 14 books in all and by the time I finished the 3rd or 4th book, I gave a very contented & satisfactory, deep sigh and then I said in an aww-delighted-wishful voice, to the husb, “I wanna own all these books you borrowed!” the illustrations are beautiful, stories are brilliant and I find myself fingering the textures, the pages, the colors, the covers & soaking everything in delight as I read to the kid. and so we beat the haze, immersed ourselves in stories & imaginations, in & out of the books.

and we also took out the ukulele from deep under to have a lil’ band concert, with the kid as the main composer while we sing along. the songs he made up about giraffes, zebras & lollipops were fun & hilarious.

because of the stuffiness & hot air trapped in the house, the kid enjoyed lengthy cold baths in his babytub, just soaking in the coolness of the water with his bath buddies.

made elaborate brekkie (since no need to get up early & rush to school) –
blueberry & banana pancakes & roasted almond flakes
with homemade applesauce 😀

let the kid tried some red wine
fruit enzyme
fruit enzyme
aha! got you fooled? gee…just some fun pouring in red dragon fruit enzyme into an empty wine bottle (wine which I just used for cooking stew)…what?! we need to majorly find indoor entertainment ok!

altho’ we wished we could be at the outdoorsy. altho’ we felt a lil’ claustrophobic. and altho’ we dislike the stuffiness & hot air. we were thankful that we didn’t have to rush to anywhere, no errands to run, no tasks to see to. we had lotsa precious, unhurried time of bonding & fun interaction. all the 3 of us ;D