I made some real fatty pretzels, check out the chubbiness – don’t you think they look like wrinkled grumpy fellas, esp. the one in the top middle? they’re saying, “hmmph, why did you make us sooo fat?!”
pretzels 3

well, I kinda skipped a step in the instructions cos I was lazy, and then served me right, created more trouble and I got even lazier, couldn’t wait till I rolled a thin rope, hence resulted in the rather fat pretzels…and also I was ambitious, I doubled the ingredients in the recipe to make more pretzels & ended up with a mountain of pretz! (I was going to share with other peeps)…the final pile of pretz is 3 or 4 times of what you see below. too scary a sight for me to have presence of mind to snap a shot.

of cos, most pretz are fat because lil’ hands are too tired to knead into smaller rope to twist…but check out the determined & focused expression!
pretzels 2

you can find the recipe here. and because I made so much, I could play with the flavors…made some plain (with just butter), some with cinnamon, some with cheese. a not-so-successful attempt, they tasted plain & bland (yes, even the not-plain ones), they majorly stuck to the baking paper (I didn’t have non-stick paper bleah!) and I had such a tedious time kneading the dough & rolling ’em into ropes to be twisted, and there was so much flour to clean up after that, I was totally bushed!! but i’ll definitely improve on it & try again. and to remember not to be lazy and/or ambitious!