I love buckwheat tea, buckwheat noodles, not quite about buckwheat pancakes though…heard tonnes of health benefits about buckwheat but have never seen how the buckwheat grains really look like until I came across it! I love the shape of it! mini diamond shape (or mini dumpling?) ;D
buckwheat grains

I just tried to cook it like I did with bulghur wheat. I added in this bean I found at Mustafa (cluster beans maybe? there’re so many different beans I can’t remember what this is called), which is commonly used in curry. and golly, the grains turned out tasting very much like curry. (maybe also because I added turmeric). I also added in chopped walnuts, dried apricots & sundried tomatoes.
buckwheat grains 2

interesting texture, interesting aroma, not exactly sure if I should like it or otherwise…initial few mouthfuls were quite delightful, and then quickly reaches saturation point & found myself not able to stomach much anymore…the husb & kid were not very nuts about it too…
buckwheat grains 3

hmm…so I guess it was a good try but not sure if I would cook that again.