whoever says grammies are boring old people should eat their words when it comes to the kid’s gram. the kid loves his gram because she could play all day with him, whether its standing up
grandma stayover

or getting down to his level
grandma stayover 4

the grammie had a cataract operation & stayed with us for about a week during her recovery. the kid was absolutely over the moon & the pair had so much fun interacting together that even on the 1st night, they laid in bed chatting for more than an hour!

we had a sofa bed in the tv room for guests and during this 1 week, it was transformed to a place where the grammie could rest, where the kid helped the grammie with her daily application of eye-drops, where they chatted, played, fixed jigsaws & read stories…it was like a cosy fun playpen for them
grandma stayover 3

every single nite, the kid would ask to sleep together with grammie, and we would carry him back to his bed an hr after he finally dozed off. the grammie is amazing in engaging the kid. she never seems to run outta things to say, always oblige in whatever the kid wants to do. I tell you folks, she’s a duracell bunny. she could go on & on, from the time the kid comes back from school all the way to bedtime! O shame on the mama who wished she could’ve 1/2 of that energy! and also she’s an incredible constant commentator! she runs commentary on EVERYTHING, from the toy animals, to the stuffed toys, and even the storybooks (she expands the story on the illustrations, far & beyond of the story itself)! so you can imagine how long bedtime story took!
grandma stayover 2

O well, we were supposed to help the grammie in her recovery but she ended up helping us to keep the kid very engaged & entertained. but hey at least she could rest early like 8 or 9pm & enjoyed nutritious homecooked meals!
now, you parents, back to work!! ;P