had a lil’ story of our wedding to the kid, with the stack of wedding photos (no studio photos or pre-wedding photos for us, just great photos taken on the day itself) and the 1st photo on the stack was this

the kid went, “people getting married?” to which I replied “uh-huh” (in my head: hello son, duh I just said I was gonna show you our wedding photos, did I not?!) and the kid took a 2nd look at the photo & asked who are these people getting married…?!??!!! then I asked him to take a closer look if he can recognise ‘these 2 people’ (did we really change sooo much??!!)

upon studying the photo for a few sec, the kid lit up with a bright smile, “papa, mama!” (thank you son!) while I was happy he could recognise us, he said, ‘huh! you look so different, that’s very pretty, why you so pretty and wear so pretty, why? (snigger snigger), you’re too pretty here.”

alrrrright son, I get it. ;’@