we bought this cute pineapple-shaped ukulele quite awhile back, but after the initial fever with it, it was kept in the storeroom for some time…

until i signed up for a parent-child beginner’s workshop for the kid & i! the kid looked pro & cool carrying the ukulele ;D
ukulele 2

well the workshop is for parents & kids, with the age of at least 5 years old. the kid’s only turning 5 in dec, but technically, by year, he’s 5 hah! turned out he’s the youngest in the class of 4 sets of parents. he was brilliant in strumming & plucking the strings but had a tough time playing the chords. his fingers are not long/big & strong enough to hold down the chords. he was asked to make music with the shakers while the instructor was trying to work up a mini performance with the songs we’ve just learnt. he was ok with the shakers initially but didn’t like to be left out on the ukulele so he picked up the instrument again & strummed at will (which absolutely drove the instructor nuts, who kept trying to get him back on the shakers gee). of course, undeniably, the kid has got an excellent sense of rhythm 😉

it was such great fun – from the journey there to making music together, to dinner & the journey back home, we had a wonderful, wonderful mom-son date.

i love hanging out with the kid, he’s so much fun & joy to be with.