“I wanna ride my bicycle, I wanna ride it where I wanna go, bicycle bicycle biiiiiii-cycle!!” this song humming in my head as I rode my new bike home (1/2 way home actually, the other 1/2 the husb did).

me matching outfit with my new mini-velo before riding off while the husb took a bus to fetch the kid from school. we met at the kid’s school and the husb took over the riding while I took the bus with the kid back home. (gosh, my face looked squashed/swollen/chubby with the helmet on!)
my bicycle

about 5 years ago. I got the bike for the husb, for his birthday. and 5 years on, the husb got a bike for me. so now there’s 1 black bike & there’s 1 white bike in our house.

the husb & I had our 1st riding date few days after (I mean we went cycling before, but tis our 1st ride on our own bikes), it was so much fun! ohoooo, more exploring to do!! 😀