the family has officially formed a cycling troop with a new blue police bike to make it complete. here the mister sheriff looking delightfully smug asher's bike
m. sheriff got his new bike last week, and he rode a pretty good distance home. and on the weekend, we assembled a larger troop with the extended family: the cousin on the glider, the uncle on a foldie with a child-seat, the papa on the skateboard (ohs, supposed to write a post on that, I forgot, shall get to that!), the kid on his police bike, I rode from home to toa payoh and met them, and the heavily preggie aunty (reb) who waddled slowly to the dinner place to wait for the troop.
it was quite a tour de toa payoh, I tell ya… I switched hands with the husb as he rode the mini-velo back home in the evening after dinner while I took the cab home with the kid.

helmets helmets, checked. gloves, checked. shades, checked. sidekick (bluebear this time) in the basket, checked. all ready to go for another adventure!