I absolutely love sashimi and I love sushi rolls. but O man, for the life of me, I just can’t make decent looking sushi rolls ūüė¶ the title master chef bestowed upon me by the husb is not fitting me in this instance when I can’t even roll a proper sushi..just check out the messy, ugly sushi rolls, especially the¬†unrecognizable one¬†right at the top, that was my 1st roll, everything was¬†falling¬†out & the seaweed¬†couldn’t meet, and I couldn’t cut into small rolls! arghh, this is my 3rd attempt already¬†& i’m still not mastering it, why O why is this so difficult for me??!!
sushi rolls
on top of the ugly rolls that refused to stay complete together, I was making mess all round – bits of seaweed on the table, on the floor..my hands were utterly sticky with the rice, water dripping from my hands, sticky rice all over…O and most definitely I need an extremely sharp knife to make a clean cut on the rolls!!
sushi tools
while I was sighing in frustration for each ugly roll I made, or making frowny faces constantly, on the verge of giving up, the kid constantly devouring the rolls along as I was making them,
making lotsa sounds & expressions..
more hmms…
didn’t matter one bit to him that they rice & ingredients were falling out, this lil’ dude was a very satisfied customer and the conversation below dissipated all my disappointment & frustration:
me: wow wee, someone’s sure enjoying his dinner yea?
kid: hmm (nodding & smirking), thank you, thank you a thousand, a million times!
me: O wow, you’re most welcome! (beaming) a zillion times, to the infinity my pleasure!

such an expression, such words, such a moment of being assured that¬†whatever i’m doing, no matter how hard, it is worth it. worth it to the infinity.