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I used to regularly treat myself to these popsicles in long plastic bags in my younger days. that’s what kids love to suck, slurp & crunch into during those school days. we would grab  the knot tightly with our teeth & twist & twist until we bite the knot off. then we’ll suck at the melting pops & drink up the rest at the end, I’ve no idea what this is called in english but it is commonly known as 冰棒…its rare to find these pops in plastic these days…so I decided to recreate this childhood treat at home! I used watermelon juice, and the dark brownish ones, I added bananas, avocado & kefir to the watermelon juice. (don’t they look like sausages?!!)
pops in plastic

letting the kid has a glimpse or rather a taste and the experience of a treat that his mama used to enjoy so much when she was young
pops in plastic 2

getting the hang of it..and enjoying it
pops in plastic 3

so good to relive childhood memories & sharing with the next generation