the latest drawing of the family by the kid (why the papa has long hair, I’ve no idea)
family drawing

yes, I have a bun in the oven, 18 weeks in the baking. and the main reason why I haven’t been up here for a long while. it had been a rather turbulent few months. bleeding, threatened miscarriage, enforced total bedrest, continued spotting, nausea, low appetite, puking, tiredness, back pain, body ache, indigestion, constipation, tailbone mis-alignment, pelvic pain…o well, you get the picture. this bun was tough to carry in the beginning. but thank God, I’ve emerged through and supposedly am at my most energetic & enjoyable phase ;D praise God for the vibrant heartbeat right even at 5 weeks and continuous growth up till this point.

and definitely thank God for the mom who brought nutritious food (altho mostly eaten by the husb cos they didn’t go down quite well during the early days), friends who provided both physical, emotional & spiritual nourishment, the husb who devoted himself lovingly in the care of me & the kid & the home, and the kid who provided comfort & joy.

the bun in the oven is baking wonderfully at the moment & praying this will continue till its done 🙂