the kid has been asking tonnes of questions about God & Jesus lately, especially more so lately. and deeper questions each time. and at one moment it struck me. I take for granted that the fact the kid was born into a ‘çhristian’ family, where we say grace for meals, have prayer times, read bible stories, talking about kingdom values, etc., he naturally is a christian too. I was reminded that salvation is freely given to anyone who would but confess that Jesus is the Son of God & everything He has done to bring us salvation so that we can enter into the kingdom of God. It is not by default, it is not something you can be born into. each individual needs to make a conscious decision & confession.

so I started explaining God’s plan of salvation through Jesus, which also sparked off from the kid’s questions about eternal life & being with God after we die. and later on I found out that he’s also been talking about this with his aunt & papa too. and I mentioned that he can take his time to ask questions, think about them, and its his decision if he would like to invite Jesus into his heart. then one day, during dinner, a day after celebrating the kid’s great-grandpa’s 100th birthday, this conversation happened:

the kid: so great-grandpa is going to die very soon right?
me: oh…what makes you think so?
the kid: because he is so so old! he is so weak & walks so slowly.
me: well…we’ll see, he’s still pretty healthy.
the kid: can we live forever?
me: yes, we can live forever, but not on earth, we can live forever with God. for those who have Jesus in their hearts.
the kid: so great-grandpa will live forever?
me: yea, after he dies, he will be with God & live forever. and he will be given a new body & he wont be weak anymore. he can even fly if he wants to.
the kid: so will I live forever with God too?
me: well, do you believe in God? and Jesus?
the kid: ya! God is in my heart already! I’ve invited Jesus into my heart!
me: (utterly stunned) oh! when?!
the kid: (beaming) I don’t want to tell you!
me: so how did you invite Jesus into your heart? what did you say?
the kid: like how you told me la!
me: oh ok…(still utterly stunned & amazed)

later on, the kid did reveal, he made the invitation sitting by the window in the living room one early morning after he woke up.

O what greater news a parent can hear! thank you Jesus for my sweet child’s salvation! ;D