the tresses were wearing me down quite abit lately, especially during the period where I was on bedrest. I love the curls but it was getting too much of a hassle to wash, style & manage, with the fact that its long & heavy & dry & thick. its been brewing in my mind and one day, on the spur of the moment, from this:
long hair

to this! and now i’m rocking a pretty chic hairstyle! with the baby bump ;P
cropped hair

well, wasn’t nuts about it during the initial week, but received rave reviews. particularly from one drama-mama friend with eyes bulging, mouth agape, cupped her cheeks with both hands & exclaimed, “OMG, you look SOOO good, OMG, OMG, you look really good, OMG, you look like a model, OMG, OMG!” and I went, “ok haha, i’m glad you love my new look more than me”. but its growing on me & i’m just loving the convenience & ‘airy-ness’ of it, hair-washing takes 1/2 the time now hoot!! of cos, this change is not as drastic as that other one I had 3 yrs back:

anyways, I do love my new hairstyle now 😀