I’ve passed 26 weeks & entering into 27 weeks. in less than 2 weeks, I’ll be stepping into the 3rd trimester!!! where in the world did all the time whizz to??!!

I think I already look like a whale, feel like a whale & walk like a whale. really. look, you can’t see all of my feet

at 1st trimester, with all the bleeding, bedrest, barfing, etc., I was wondering when I will ever get past 1st tri, and now i’m entering 3rd tri!! ahh~~

I’ve heard many who told me that it gets easier from 2nd pregnancy, in terms of tum growth & stretching. but from few weeks ago already, I remember telling the husb that I feel my tum couldn’t stretch anymore & I should just give birth NOW. oh nonono, of course i’m kidding, the bun should still remain in the oven & bake more.

switching to a more smiley note, we are all thrilled to be anticipating the arrival of a new addition to the family. I’ve had quite a ball from the end of 4th month onwards & had been feeling great. tonnes of things I’ve done & still tonnes more on the list I wanna do!!

people around are eager to know if we’re having a girl or boy. but we’re pretty chilled about it & probably decided that we can know when the bun’s ready to emerge from the oven. the gynae had wanted to have a wee peek the last visit but bun decided to do some contortionist stunt where only the bum can be seen. (both legs were all the way over the head!!)

and this lil’ bun is quite a basher so me poor organs are increasingly being bashed. but am thankful that the heartbeat is always strong & robust during scans. lil’ basher is growing healthily. ;D