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at 2012, we had the purple dino delivered the birthday cake for the kid, and last year at 2013, guess who we’ve got with us…
our very own friendly neighbourhood spiderman, people!!!

the kids were all thrilled, the teachers were all very amused, and of cos the kid was extremely happy, posing along with superhero.
asher & spidy

spidy was prancing around, zooming in & out, breaking into the principal’s office, sneaking into classrooms during lessons, snooping around. and of cos, the friendly superhero went over to the other school to wave hi to the kids
spidy 2

check out this lil’ fellow in the photo below, he’s spiderman’s no. 1 fan!! I caught him smiling & grinning NON-STOP, totally enamoured by spidy’s presence, and always trying to hang around close, ultra cute.
spidy ran

spidy’s personal assistant cum photographer taking a shot with him after the birthday task was successfully completed ;D
spidy 3

the kid had a swimming pool cake (with blondes dipping in the pool, hilarious rite?!) with animals candles for his school’s birthday celebration. and as he had been so much into being a lion in the year, (either he’s alex in madagascar or he’s simba in lion king), we got him a lion ice-cream cake for the family’s celebration. heyhey, check out his sparkling birthday suit!

oh, how another year has gone by and my kid is 5…
this lil’ lion cub had a roaring great time in the year where he got to spend tonnes of time with his papa, and he’s developed quite a strong-headness trait in this year too. altho’ its been a challenging year as he grappled with lotsa questions & uncertainties, questioning our authority, challenging rules, etc., and tat really drove me mad often. but there had been countless times where he displayed so much confidence and the ability to be compassionate, thoughtful and empathetic.
asher lion

and i’m still continually floored by his charming wit & great sense of humor. I love you so much, my lil’ cub.