I’ve tried cooking minced lamb meat before, when I was introducing the meat for the 1st time to the kid when he was younger. and that was easy peasy. never really thought of attempting lamb shank or lamb steak or lamb whatever cos you know it might be tricky. but I was in an adventurous mood & lamb steak was on sale at the supermarket. so I searched up some recipes online. marinated the meat with some masala powder, oregano, and can’t remember what else, for about an hour and then baked in oven for about an hr at 240 degrees with some unpeeled garlic. (recipe says 300!! but my small oven’s highest is at 240 and recipe says 90mins but I did for an hr only because you’ll know why in a min.)
looking good, and me feeling good about it, I mean look at the fresh appearance of the meat! ahhh anticipating the potential of a tender oven-baked lamb dish!
baked lamb

I was mindful to check in & stir up after about 1/2hr, but I should have check in again soon as it seemed to be getting quite cooked then, look how they’ve turned out!
baked lamb 2

boohoooooooo~~~~~failed attempt, I was sooo disappointed & frustrated šŸ˜„ firstly they looked ghastly gross, (like poop!), and secondly they’re so tough!! at least on the outside. the garlic was roasted heavenly but I couldn’t stomach much cos of the strong taste. the lamb smelt really good though, and ok,Ā we still could have some meat for dinner as I tried my bestest to salvage some meatĀ byĀ cutting away the outer layers which areĀ burnt & tough.Ā whatever that can be left on the inside was quite tender actually. or at least the husbĀ kept assuring that. (for the umpteenth time: really dear, I’ve not tasted any lamb as soft.) I know the sweet husb was being honest cos its not likeĀ him to tell white lies to make someone feels better, and I know its his way of showing appreciation for the effort. and the kid did finish up all his meat & actually asked for more. so I shall not beat myself up too much.

well, a burnt meat dish did bring about the reminder of sacrificial love. I tried to cut up all the burnt bits & took them for myself while I left the soft bits to the boys, hoping that the husb will not notice, but he was sharp enough to smell a rat and asked if i’m just taking the tough bits. and then he insisted I take some of his portion which was not a lot and if I don’t, he wasn’t going to too. putting your other half’s interests & well-being above your own – I love the essence of our marriageĀ šŸ˜€