to be able to prepare quick simple meals is key these days. during 1st tri, with the whole threatened miscarriage situation I wasn’t able to cook at all & lotsa foods didn’t go down too well. when I got back to cooking, I did the marinate, throw in oven & bake away a lot so that I don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen standing. also during that period, cooking smell utterly put me off, so with this, I could throw in the meat or fish to roast/grill/bake & quickly ran in my room to hide. and then heartburns set in pretty early this time round at 2nd tri, so salad go down best. now into 3rd tri, the heaviness & achiness doesn’t really allow me to stand too long or wash too much dishes.

and these days, I love salad that are made up of bits of everything. I used to love having feta cheese in salad, now trying to not have too much of that, and I’m hooked onto goma dressing!!! its soooooo addictively palatable!!! so I’ve been chopping up many stuffs & store them & use them up for salad, like carrots, zuchinni, and add in diced apples, avocado, greens, eggs, dried fruits & roasted nuts, etc, whatever I can find to throw in…so satisfying & yummy.

the other day I had leftover chopped carrots, shrooms, cabbage, so I made stir fry soba with these & added in minced pork marinated with miso paste. here’s how I did it:

1. marinated minced pork with miso paste & leave in fridge for about an hour.
2. heat pan, added oil, added chopped garlic, added carrots & shrooms & let them cook till soft.
3. meanwhile, cook soba in boiling for about 3mins, drain, rinse with cold water & drain.
4. added diced fish cake & added cabbage, cooked for awhile, added in soba, added in mixture of soy sauce, hua tiao wine & sesame oil
5. stir fry for about 5mins.

done!!! ultra delicious. and so simple. and so quick to make.
soba dry